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With Tapad Coral, your clients get a complete understanding of people. No more misconceptions. No more broadstroke profiles.

By accessing The Device Graph™, the same technology behind Tapad, your clients gain a clear, reality-based view of consumers. They’re empowered to create meaningful interactions and more relevant experiences for their audiences.

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The tapad coral ecosystem

At Tapad Coral, we give you the power to help your clients create connections with the consumers that matter most to them. We not only provide you with access to The Device Graph™ for your own use, but we work closely with you to make sure you implement the right data for your needs.

From data integration to sales interaction, we put The Device Graph™ and years of experience, skill and expertise to work for you. The result: deeper, more powerful relationships between you and your clients, your clients and their customers.

Tapad Connection

Tapad Coral leverages the same powerful algorithms and revolutionary device graph technology that made Tapad an industry pioneer and leader. Now, you connect your clients with the right people in a unified way across devices—all from within your own platform, with the power of The Device Graph™ supporting you.

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