We turn Ones and zeros into one-on-ones

Most companies target profiles and devices, making customer communication fragmented and inefficient. Brands don’t know which outreach drives purchases. Publishers can’t monetize their audiences across screens. And technology vendors are unable to reach or analyze audiences on a unified and holistic basis. Tapad Coral makes all of those limitations disappear.

Why Coral?

Millions of individual organisms coming together, connecting and working as one. All to form a living ecosystem.

Like our namesake, Tapad Coral is all about connections. We work with a diverse network of partners, correlating trillions of data points to understand how a consumer’s interests, passions, behaviors and devices combine to become the qualities that make everyone unique.

The more partners we have, the more data we can access, discovering deeper connections between audiences and their devices. It’s what we call the network effect. And it increases value for everyone involved.

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Ready to end fragmented customer communications and flawed measurements? Integrate Tapad Coral data to gain holistic insight into consumers.