The Device Graph™

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The Device Graph™ unlocks the power of data, giving your clients a unified view of the audiences behind the devices, without infringing on privacy.

With Tapad Coral, you sync your data directly into The Device Graph™, where it is correlated with billions of other data points. The result is amplification of, and insight into, your data sets. Getting an accurate view means you can measure and monetize audiences more effectively all from within your own platform.

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How We’re Different

Your needs are unique. We have the solutions that fits.

Data Solutions.

Tapad Coral is unlike any other data solution. Our rich ecosystem of information integrates seamlessly into any platform, giving marketers actionable insights into complex consumers.

Real-Life Uses for Real-Time Data

Once Tapad Coral grants you access to The Device Graph™, its uses are unlimited and transformational to your business.

High Impact Uses for The Device Graph™

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Tapad Coral reaches more than 82% of addressable households by leveraging trillions of data points. The number of devices that match between Tapad and our partners creates the massive connectivity that drives our industry-leading scale.

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Increase the opportunities to monetize your data. Activate and inform marketing decisions across devices, linking audience insights and signals in your platform.

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Tapad Coral helps Data Management Platforms (DMPs) extend and unify audience profiles across multiple data points for more relevant and customized connections.

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Use cross-device data to better understand the average length of time from first exposure to purchase, creating new parameters in the process. Truly understand your desired audiences’ path to purchase.

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By assessing the paths taken to site pages, Tapad Coral measures the true impact of your outreach. Use this data to adjust budget allocations and/or spend to a particular device type.

Integration Made Easy

Our team provides you with the service, support and best practices you need, every step of the way. Access to The Device Graph™ includes:

  • Working directly with Tapad Coral to sync your cookies and mobile/tablet IDs
  • Dedicated Solutions Engineers to help configure data passing and to advise on best practices
  • Delivery of real-time Tapad Coral data via API or weekly batch files
  • Ingest and activate your data from The Device Graph™


Not ready to integrate data directly into your platform, but want to take advantage of cross-device targeting and measurement? Our Media solution enables:

  • Data testing for companies new to cross-device marketing
  • Data integration for organizations without the technological capacity
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